Valuation and analysis

BUFIKS has multiple years of experience in running companies valuations, organized part of the business or chosen assets valuations from companies active in various industries. Depending on the complexity of the case to be solved our services are being conducted by professional Advisors or Consulting Teams with the common objective in complex solving of individual issues our Business Partners might have. We are cooperating with charted auditors, tax advisors, real estate appraisers as well as legal offices.

The valuation usually is a part of a planned business transaction of:

  • Sales or purchase of a company;
  • Sales or purchase of shares or stocks of a company;
  • Sales or purchase of an organized business part;
  • Business splitting;
  • Separation of an organized business part;
  • Merger of companies and agreeing on shares split ration;
  • Sales or purchases of chosen company’s assets;
  • Other transactions.

Our Advisors will create fit for purpose analysis as well as financial plans, which can be used as base for planned valuations.

There might be various valuation methods applied, like income methods (discounted cash flows), asset methods (adjusted net asset value), mixed methods and more.

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