Accounting and payroll services

BUFIKS runs finance and accounting services as well as payroll services for micro, small and medium enterprises from various industries, associates, sports clubs and foundations. We are delivering services both for revenue and expense ledgers as well as full bookkeeping based on the Accounting Act.

Our accounting and payroll Team has experience in setting up finance departments for newly created entities, but also in outsourcing of finance services in any maturity stage.

The scope of our services is always adjusted to Client’s individual needs.

Our offer includes:

Outsourcing of accounting and fiscal books:

  • Creation of chart of accounts and accounting policies;
  • Running ledgers including the qualification of accounting documents to include in ledgers, verification of integrity and accounting, entering in the books, assets, equity, and liabilities pricing, and calculations of the financial results - in conformity with the regulations of the Accounting Act;
  • Keeping and running ledgers in the BUFIKS office or on site at the Client;
  • Performing year end closing for the last fiscal day as well as opening the books, as well as closing and opening the periods and accounts as specified in the Accounting Act from 29th of September 1994;
  • Financial Statement preparation;
  • Keeping records of the respective VAT registers;
  • Preparation of VAT declarations as well as intra community acquisition of goods on a quarterly basis;
  • Running fixed and intangible assets registers;
  • Calculation of monthly prepayments for the corporate income tax;
  • Calculation of monthly prepayments for personal income tax in case of partnership business;
  • Preparation of yearly CIT statements as per the Regulator’s appointed deadlines;
  • Preparation of yearly PIT statements as per the Regulator’s appointed deadlines in case of partnership businesses;
  • Preparation of mandatory regular and annual statements for the Central Statistical Office as per the Regulator’s appointed deadlines;

Outsourcing of payroll services and Social Insurance Institution settlements

  • Preparation of Customer’s employees payroll;
  • Preparation of salary payment batches ensuring more efficient bank transfers process;
  • Running labor cost simulations;
  • Full payroll and HR services including running of employees files, calculation of holidays base, creation of employees records, issuing certificates of employment;
  • Calculation of prepayments for both CIT and PIT;
  • Creation of PIT-11 and PIT-40 declarations in accordance with statutory deadlines;
  • Creation of settlements declaration for Social Insurance Institution as well as delivering them to the above mentioned organization in regulatory deadlines. Creation and handing over of pay slips to Customer;
  • Creation of PFRON declarations;

We are ready to meet your needs linked with running efficient payroll and HR services.

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