BUFIKS has multiple years of experience in tax advisory, advising in acquiring of European Union grants, companies valuation, as well as advising in mergers & acquisitions for our Customers from various industries. Depending on the complexity of the case to be solved our services are being conducted by professional Advisors or Consulting Teams with the common objective in complex solving of individual issues our Business Partners might have. We are cooperating with charted auditors, tax advisors, real estate appraisers as well as legal offices.

We offer effective assistance with the following topics:

Tax advisory (VAT, CIT, PIT, TCLT, local taxes) with the scope of:

  • Preparation of tax reviews in a written paper document form;
  • Preparation of short tax advises in electronic form;
  • Support given over teleconference or ad hoc meetings;
  • Conducting of detailed reviews and due diligence analysis;
  • Providing tax trainings;
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

Companies in the capital groups we offer transfer prices audits as well as advisory in how to manage tax risk exposure linked to transactions with related parties. The transfer prices documentation that will be created by us, will guarantee the respective group of tax payers maximal protection and minimalizes the risk of taxable revenues estimations done by tax authorities.

Advisory in European Union grants acquiring with the scope of:

  • Analysis of the investment project;
  • Analysis of the source of financing;
  • Preparation of the founding applications;
  • Close cooperation during project delivery;
  • Final project settlement.

Companies and their assets valuation with the scope of:

  • Valuation of company, organized part of the business, stocks or shares;
  • Valuation of brand, trademark and other intangible assets;
  • Assets impairment tests (MSR 36, Polish Accounting Standard no. 4).

Company valuation might be created in advanced of a planned merger or acquisition, sale or purchase, transformation or reorganization of a specific entity.

Mergers and acquisition advisory with the scope of:

  • Preparation of companies’ merger plans;
  • Preparation of companies’ division plans;
  • Separation of an organized part of business;
  • Creation of a transformation plan into limited partnership, general partnership or corporation;
  • Creation of a transformation plan from entrepreneur into a corporation.

At the stage of preparation for merger, acquisition or transformation – in accordance with Code of Commercial Companies – it is mandatory to create a transformation plan. The transformation plan along with all the necessary attachments listed by the Code of Commercial Companies is being prepared by the experienced lawyers as well as charted auditors. The transformation plan along with other documents is being submitted to the National Court Register.

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